September 25, 2019 in DiscussionMusic

We are Richmond Allied Voices.

Four years ago, the Board was tasked with planning for the future direction by GALA Choruses leadership.
This strategic planning process led us to develop a new mission, values and purpose for the organization:

Mission: We lead welcoming choruses in creating a more inspired, hopeful and unified Richmond through song.

Values: Inclusivity, Intentional Community, Meaningful Relationships, Affirmation, Joy through Entertainment & Artistry

Purpose: We exist to bring a message of unity and hope to the people of Richmond.

The brand review included interviews with current members, alumni members, directors, board members, audience members and the general public about how MCM and the individual choruses were perceived. A very important part of this process was asking current members to express to us words and concepts that described what MCM and the choruses meant to them. We also researched the local competitive landscape, as well as cast a broader net to see what choirs/choruses nationwide were doing.
Our research clearly showed that space existed in Richmond for our group to grow and be more focused on its unique community. A name change would allow for that growth and show three key points about our groups: that we are groups that are open, accepting and welcoming to the LGBTQ community, that we are interested in welcoming people of all colors, and that our home is in Richmond.
This summer, our board voted to approve our new name, Richmond Allied Voices.