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Feeling financially comfortable, lucky, and wanting to support the Richmond LGBT and music scenes? Our patron-level ticket price covers both our costs for running our choruses and producing our concerts and supplements the discounted costs of lower priced tickets as well.

Do you have discretionary income, access to financial savings and healthcare, little debt, and are you able to comfortably meet you basic needs? Please consider this ticket tier. This price represents the true cost of producing our concerts, operating the choruses, paying our directors, accompanists, and employees, and our sound equipment.

Do you stress about meeting your basic needs but still meet them regularly, own a car, have access to healthcare, and are you employed? Please consider this ticket tier.


Do you frequently have financial stress are not able to attain your basic needs, not have stable transportation, rent unstable housing, have no or very little expendable income, and are unemployed or underemployed? Please consider this ticket tier.

Richmond Allied Voices thanks Alexis J. Cunningfolk for her work on sliding scale pricing. To learn more, please visit her site.

Holiday Classics

The Richmond Women’s Chorus, The Richmond Men’s Chorus and The Noteables

Sunday, Dec. 8 at 4pm & Monday, Dec.9th at 8pm

Ginter Park Presbyterian Church

3601 Seminary Ave. Richmond VA 23227

Sounds of the Season

The Noteables

Thursday, Dec. 12 at 8pm

Seventh Street Christian Church

4101 Grove Ave, Richmond VA 23221

Music Speaks

The Noteables

Friday, May 8 at 8pm

Virginia House

3256 Sulgrave Road, Richmond VA 23221

Community in Harmony

Richmond Women’s Chorus

Sunday, May 17 at 4pm & Tuesday May 19 at 8pm

Grace Street Theater, VCU

934 West Grace Street, Richmond VA 23284

Let It Shine

Richmond Men’s Chorus

Sat, June 6 at 8pm & Sun, June 9 at 4pm

Firehouse Theater

1609 West Broad Street, Richmond VA 23220