Women’s Chorus FAQ

How often does the Chorus practice?

The Richmond Women’s Chorus practices every Tuesday, from late August until mid May, from 7 pm to 9 pm. We practice at Imperial Plaza in northside Richmond.

But I have to travel for my job, what if I miss practice?

It is always better if you can make it most practices, but we know that people have competing stressors in their schedules. Each week, the Director sends an email to chorus members, telling them the pieces we will be working on this week. If you are going to miss a practice, you can work on the sections on your own. Often, you can catch up just by coming the next week.

Do I have to audition?

We are a non-audition chorus. After you have sung with us once or twice, our Director may ask you to sing for her so that she can be sure you are in the right section.

Do I have to know how to read music?

Many of our members do know how to read music and are happy to help others learn. If you sing with us, your singing skills will get stronger, no matter what your current level is. Each season, we get a rehearsal CD that has all of the music on it by voice part. Sometimes, the sections have “sectional rehearsals” during the week. These are voluntary, but very helpful especially for those who do not read music. Also, there are copies of many of the songs we perform on Youtube or other locations on the web.

Is there a cost to joining?

It does take money to run an organization of this quality. Members pay annual dues of $110 for the entire year. This covers the music, the royalties, the director, the accompanist, the venue, membership in GALA (see below) and other costs of the organization. If anyone is experiencing hard times, payment schedules and partial waivers are available. The most important thing is that you can join us. Members who bring a new member to the chorus receive a $25 discount for their dues.

What does the chorus wear for concerts?

Usually for the December holiday concert, chorus members wear formal attire as seen on our main page photos. Members can purchase a new top at the beginning of the season, or can purchase a gently used tunic from the chorus. Women wear either pants or a skirt with that formal top. For the spring concert, the attire varies based on the theme of the concert. The women’s chorus also has embroidered polo shirts that we wear during informal performances. Group orders are taken at the beginning of each concert cycle.

Do I have to buy my own music?

No, not if you return the music at the end of each season. We ask that you use pencil to mark the music during rehearsal and do not hole -punch the music. If you do not return the music, you will be billed for the cost, including shipping and handling costs.

Are there any other costs?

Many of the members use a music folder for the concert performance, which can cost $ 20 -30. There are less expensive alternative available.

What goes on in rehearsal?

Although sometimes there are announcements and other business discussions during rehearsal, most of our time together is spent actually learning and singing. Please bring a pencil to mark the instructions given during rehearsal. Some members are challenged with allergies and chemical sensitivity, so we ask that members do not wear strong scents, colognes or smoky clothing to rehearsal or concerts. It is expected that everyone practice good hygiene.

How big is the chorus?

The size of the women’s chorus varies from season to season. We have had as many as 40 women together on the stage. We had 18 members attend the international GALA chorus festival in Denver, Colorado in July, 2012.

Is this a gay chorus?

We are a diverse chorus and welcome all women singers, regardless of sexual orientation. We are a member of GALA, the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses, but we are primarily a women’s chorus. Our mission is to provide musical excellence to inspire, entertain, educate, and unite our communities.