Richmond Allied Voices leads three community choruses in RVA working together to create an inspired, hopeful and unified Richmond through song.


Together, we strive to harbor inclusivity, meaningful relationships, affirmation, and joy through entertainment & artistry. If you would like to join our organization as a participating singer or community member at large, please contact us here, or through the Richmond Allied Voices Facebook and Instagram pages. We love serving our community and welcome everyone!

While we’re waiting for safer times when we can resume singing in person, we’ve been busy with weekly virtual rehearsals! Recently, Virginia Commonwealth University asked us to do a virtual choir performance of the National Anthem for some of their winter sporting events, which we were glad to do for our RVA community! Click below and hear some of our members singing an arrangement of the Star-Spangled Banner by Josh Wortham, the previous director of the Richmond Men’s Chorus!

richmond online singing choir safety update

This year more than ever, we need the support of our community. We need to keep and protect our safe spaces and opportunities for community. Please donate to help our choruses keep the lights on during these unprecedented times. We will meet again. We will share music again. We will raise our voices with our communities of song!


While we don’t know what next year will look like, we do know that we value our community, our friendships, our staff, and the music we create. Our goal is to persist and adapt. This is not what we are used to, but we are finding our way in the new normal as are so many arts and choral organizations worldwide.


The sad truth of the pandemic is that it leaves all of the arts, theatre and music communities in a precarious state financially. We are continuing to source support from grants and donors, but the truth is we will need support from our audience and members to see us through to a safe reopening whenever that may be. We thank all of our supporters and donors from the bottom of our hearts. Remember, this is only the intermission!

If you would like to stay up to date with all events and activities related to Richmond Allied Voices as we rejuvenate our organization post-Covid-19, please follow us on Facebook by clicking here or Instagram by clicking here!

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